Week Links

Women’s Words:

Sarah Bessey: In Which They Are Overlooked in a Sea of Hipsters

Sarah Bessey: This is for the Day

Catherine Woodiwiss: In the Image of God: Sex, Power, and “Masculine” Christianity

Emily Maynard: I Don’t Want Kids

Words for Thought:

Rachel Pieh Jones: You Can’t Buy Your Way to Social Justice

Andrew Hanauer: Debt Forgiveness and Food for Crocodiles

Karen Yates: To Grieve is to Human

Jon Huckins: The Violence of Peacemaking

Abigail Rine: Why Some Evangelicals are Trying to Stop Obsessing Over Pre-Marital Sex

Mental Health Awareness Month

Brandi Grissom and Alana Rocha: With Consensus and Money, State Takes on Mental Health Care

One thought on “Week Links

  1. Hi, Jamie, This gives you my email address if you want to communicate out of the limelight. I have posted a comment to your piece on dual diagnosis. I have very much enjoyed meeting you on your blog, at Sojourners, and in the other links you have provided. At my blog I replied to your question. My further response to you by this method has been bounced back to me as too long. As you seem to be interested in the ear-behaviour connection, I have other summaries of my learning that might interest you that I could attach to regular email. Thank you for your interest! While I have carefully kept separate from my psychology/neurology writing my specifically Christian thinking and experiences, my discoveries are a direct result of my walk of faith, which includes the particular advantages obtained through prayer, mine and those of others. We have just published my husband’s book about his coming to faith when we met and I plan to share soon the kinds of learning that lay behind that other arduous journey I have written about in Listening for the Light. Looking forward to hearing more from you, Laurna _____


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