Week Links #4

Prom is Saturday, graduation is in two weeks, and we will soon be headed across the country for college, so I haven’t had much time to peruse the internet lately. But in the little bit of reading I have done, here are the things I especially liked.

Women’s Words

Ann Voskamp @ (in)courage: When All the Negativity and Pessimism is Getting to You

Glennon: On Momotony and Sacred Work

Words for Thought

Jim Denison: Do All Children Go to Heaven?

Craig M. Watts: The Irrelevance of Jesus to Congressman and Food Stamps

Natalie Snapp (Mommy on Fire): When We Spew Hate and Try to Call it Truth

Brandan Robertson: Why “Evangelical” is Worth Saving

My Husband (this week he gets his own caption!)

Andrew Hanauer: Apple: When perfectly legal schemes can place human rights at risk

Andrew Hanauer: What Heroism Looks Like

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