About Me

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Some hats I wear:

(But not a Mom-blogger.)
(Politically progressive) Christian.
(Recovering) attorney.
Dog lover.
Child advocate of the fiercest sort.
If I’m lucky enough that you should want to know more about me, you can always go here.

I blog at http://jamiecallowayhanauer.com, and you can connect with me on Facebook or on Twitter @JamieHanauer

One thought on “About Me

  1. Just read your well written article on the TPP. The article was persuasive for as far as it went – but that’s the problem. It didn’t go far enough. If you are going to weigh in with a serious commentary on a public policy issue, I suggest that you also consider the options – including what would happen if TPP doesn’t pass. I would further suggest that if TPP doesn’t pass, the labor and environmental issues that you express concern about will actually become worse! Absent TPP, do we really want to trust that China will push for tighter environmental standards and more humane labor policies?? It seems that a case can be made that TPP is better than no deal for the very reasons you oppose it! It bothers me that a position can be taken that sounds meritorious and even righteous but in effect, by opposing TPP, you’re actually ushering in a world that will likely have fewer protections for both labor and environmental concerns.


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