Week Links #12

Women’s Words

Sarah Bessey: In which I choose to be a feminist in the way that Jesus would be a feminist

Margaret Philbrick: How Do We Celebrate Malala Yousafzai’s 16th Birthday?

Leah Eichler: The Business Case for Ending Violence Against Women

Social Justice

Jim Wallis: The Moral Urgency of Immigration Reform

Jonathan Merritt: The Rise of the Christian Left in America

Michael Wear: Is Immigration Reform Dead? Not if Evangelicals Can Do Anything About It.

Wesley Morris: Strange Fruitvale


53 Things Only 80’s Girls Can Understand

My Stuff

@ Sojourners: Inspired by Malala: What Your Story Can Do

Week Links #11

Words for Thought

Isaiah 10:1-4

Richard Stearns: Solving Poverty is Rocket Science

Jelani Cobb: George Zimmerman, Not Guilty: Blood on the Leaves

Susan Thistlewaite: Malala: God is Not a “Tiny, Little Conservative Who Sends Little Girls to Hell”

Jim Wallis: Lament From a While Father

Laura Joyce Davis: A Youth-Run Supper Club That’s Wowing San Francisco

Lisa Sharon Harper: The Zimmerman Verdict and the Resurrection of the Old Jim Crow

Women’s Words

Jennifer Fulwiler: 21 Tips for Survival Mode


Robin O’Bryant: Embracing the Swim Skirt

JK Rowling’s new book!

My stuff

Most read of the week: The Age of Abstinence-Only Sex Ed is Over