Week Links #12

Women’s Words

Sarah Bessey: In which I choose to be a feminist in the way that Jesus would be a feminist

Margaret Philbrick: How Do We Celebrate Malala Yousafzai’s 16th Birthday?

Leah Eichler: The Business Case for Ending Violence Against Women

Social Justice

Jim Wallis: The Moral Urgency of Immigration Reform

Jonathan Merritt: The Rise of the Christian Left in America

Michael Wear: Is Immigration Reform Dead? Not if Evangelicals Can Do Anything About It.

Wesley Morris: Strange Fruitvale


53 Things Only 80’s Girls Can Understand

My Stuff

@ Sojourners: Inspired by Malala: What Your Story Can Do

Inspired by Malala: What Your Story Can Do

Today I’m at Sojourners writing about YOU and your story. And trust me, your story is powerful.

In her speech to the U.N. Youth Assembly, Malala reminded us all of the power of forgiveness and that those in faith communities bring hypocrisy into their midst by declaring anything other than peace. I was humbled by this child’s story. This is what one small girl, standing alone, can do.

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