Week Links #16

Could it be true that I haven’t posted a Week Links since August? Why yes, I think it could be.

August…. getting the oldest off to college, Christmas planning starts in September, birthdays in October, November, and December, plus all the holidays…. I’ve noticed over the years that September to February tends to be… off. But here we are in March, so perhaps things can stay “on” for the next 5 or so months. We’ll see, anyway.

I haven’t had much time to peruse articles online, but I did manage to come up with a handful of must-reads.

Recline! Why “Leaning In” is Killing Us, by Rosa Brooks  Interestingly, I posted a link to one of my blog posts in the comment section of this article, and received hundreds of views from all over the world. Who knew that people 1) actually read through comments, and 2) actually click links in comments. What if I had posted spam?!? But I hadn’t. Instead, I had posted this. I actually feel much differently now that when I wrote that post a year ago, in the throes of RSVnewbornery, but, you know. The internet is forever, so there you go.

Andy had a great post up this week that ran at a few different places (he’s in demand!). It isn’t “sexy” stuff, so to speak, but his article addresses what could be the most important little-discussed issue of our time when it comes to eradicating poverty. If you want to sound smart at parties, on your next playdate, or in line at the liquor store, take a minute to read his post, Stealing Debt Relief.

My Redbud friend Margot Starbuck (who has a new book coming out in a few days!) had a great interview at RLC with Jonathan Chan, a man of many hats with Haiti Partners. Super catchy title, too: Why Facebook Posts and Free Food Giveaways Aren’t Transforming Lives. By the way, if after reading the interview you want to know more about how you CAN transform lives, go back up one link to Andy’s article. Click the link. Read the post. Bam! Now you know.

True story: A guy once invited me to be on his radio show to do an interview about a woman-focused article I had written. I can’t remember which article. Anyway, I researched him a bit and found out his was not a show I wanted to be on. Also, I had family in town. The same guy recently asked a Redbud friend of mine, Dorothy Greco, for an interview. She researched him, too, but he gave her a list of interview questions and things seemed fairly straight up. So, she did the interview. I won’t ruin the ending, but I will say that, alas, it did not go well (to put it mildly). Read Dorothy’s article, Misogyny is Alive and Kicking, to find out what happened. Take your blood pressure pill first, though.

Yet another Redbud friend (who I’m lucky enough to actually see in person on a fairly regular basis!), Bronwyn Lea, had a much anticipated post up at CT’s Her.meneutics exploring how God really feels about divorce: What God Teaches Us About Broken Marriage Vows. Bronwyn’s a deep thinker and a smarty pants to boot, so it’s well worth your time to check out her first CT piece.

And finally, my most read of the week, which I just so happened to write almost a year ago: 50 Years After the Feminine Mystique, I Just Can’t Do it All.

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