SourceBooksMy First Communion

SourceBooksThe Joy of Easter

CruPress — Dating During the Apocalypse and other Conversations on God, Sex, and Life

Relevant Magazine How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Get Married?

Sojourners — The Divine Dance

Sojourners — “Embrace” in a Time of Division

Red Letter Christians — Kent Annan’s Slow Kingdom Coming

Christian Feminism Today — Disconnected Generations: #NotHereForTheBoys

Sojourners What Steinem and Albright Get Wrong About Today’s Feminists

Red Letter Christians Evolving Faith: An Interview with Sarah Bessey

5 Devotionals — NIV Bible for Women: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World (Zondervan, 2015)

Red Letter Christians — The American Way and The Jesus Way In Conflict

Sojourners — Amy Schumer’s Feminism: And Then What?

Sojourners — Where is the Hope in Charleston?

Sojourners — A Primer on Fast Track Trade Authority for People of Faith

Red Letter Christians — Freeing Men From Patriarchy’s Chains

Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics — Is Parental Discipline a Black and White Issue?

Guest post at Rage Against the Minivan — What I Want You to Know About Losing a Child

Red Letter Christians — Churches Unite to Reverse Foster Care Wait List

Red Letter ChristiansOur Hands, God’s Work: An Interview with the Reverend Stacy Martin

Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics — It’s Time for Busy Ladies to Give it a Rest

Sojourners — It’s About Time

Red Letter Christians — Immigration: A Matter of the Spirit

Red Letter Christians — Not Afraid to Say the Wrong Thing: An Interview With Nadia Bolz-Weber

Red Letter Christians — Losing the Chains of Debt: An Interview with Geoffrey Chongo

Red Letter Christians — Mental Illness, Biblical Counseling, and the Role of the Church: A Conversation with Alasdair Groves

Christian Century — 5 Ways Churches Can Support Families Providing Foster Care (one of Christian Century’s “most read” articles for 2014)

Red Letter Christians — Seeking an Empathetic Space: The Challenge of a Christian Witness in America

Red Letter Christians — From New Vaccines to Capetown Townships, Discovering People Who Are of Value to Christ: An Interview with Arthur Ammann

Relevant Magazine, Issue 71. Sept/Oct. 2014 — Can the Foster Care System Be Fixed?

Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics — Mythbusting for Foster Parents

Faith Village — Tattoos and Cardigans

SojournersAs the World Turns

Red Letter Christians — Aleah Marsden: Empowering “Ordinary” Women for Extraordinary Lives

Red Letter Christians — Record Profits, Income Inequality, Global Poverty, and a New Jubilee? An Interview with Eric LeCompte

Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics — Six Ways Christian Singles Can Help the Orphans

Red Letter Christians — U.S. Courts are Like Those in The Locust Effect

Sojourners — Finding Hope in “The Locust Effect”

Sojourners — Is Religion the “Biggest Problem” Facing Feminism Today?

Curator Sydney,

Faith Village — Lying Fallow in the Middle Years

Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics — Womanhood by the Book: Lessons from Jesus Feminist, Talking Taboo, and the Book of Jezebel

Sojourners — The Year of the Woman

Faith Village — A Mom’s Truth About Wrapping Presents

Sojourners — Marginalization of Women Leads to Increasing Rates of HIV/AIDS

EEWC-Christian Feminism Today — Rachel Held Evans and The Nines

Sojourners — Book Explores “God’s Radical Notion” of Feminism

Sojourners — Women and Taboos: Leaning In, and Getting Frank About Faith, Sexuality and the Bible

Burnside Writers Collective — The Time to Love is Now

Sojourners — Financial Gain from Infidelity? A Christian Response

Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics — When Christian Moms Get the Blues

Faith Village My Addiction and How It’s Hurting My Daughter

Red Letter Christians — Financial Help and Health Care Aren’t “Crack” for Those in Need

Sojourners Your Christian Hypocrisy is Showing: On Pope Francis and the U.S. Congress

Faith Village — As We Forgive Our Debtors.

Sojourners — Abstinence-Only Sex Ed is Over

Sojourners Inspired by Malala: What Your Story Can Do

Red Letter Christians — Stand Your Ground

Faith VillageIn These Middle Years

Sojourners What SCOTUS Could Learn From Paula Deen

Faith Village The Dual Diagnosis Problem in Foster Care

SojournersWhat Angelina Jolie’s Mastectomy Teaches Us About the Stigma of Mental Illness

Sojourners –  Leaning In, Mommy Wars, and a Dose of Humility

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