Week Links #5

Women’s Words

Rebecca Yarros: Dear Boys: We Protect Those Who are Smaller

Jen Hatmaker: Worst End of School Year Mom Ever

Glennon (Video): All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in the Mental Hospital

Megan Gahan: ReclaimingFemininity

Jen Hatmaker @ Deeper Story: Do Not Stumble on Account of Me

Words for Thought

Jen Hatmaker: Adoption Ethics Part 3

Jennifer Grant’s guest post @ Amy Simpson: See You When I See You

Betty Ann Boeving: A California Climber Takes Up the Trafficking Flight

2 thoughts on “Week Links #5

    • I found so much truth in what you wrote! And now that I have a pink-and-fairy-and-unicorn loving daughter, I need to hear words like yours more than ever. So thanks! 🙂


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